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About Me

Tp3I started writing around 18 months ago. I was offered the opportunity to review Falling Skies for Cult Fix, and since then have gone on to review a multitude of shows for that same site, as well as doing various feature articles.

I’m one of the laziest people you’d ever have the displeasure to meet. I’m content to spend days doing f*** all, if possible. I deliberately avoid doing things that I’ve been asked/told to get done, and also tend to do the things I don’t avoid half-heartedly. But writing is something different. I’m willing to spend hours perfecting a single paragraph, and even more time scanning my work for mistakes.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’ve stayed up through the wee hours of the morning, with my eyes feeling like paper cuts, just to get a review or an article finished, and to unobtainable standards.

Of course, I don’t *always* feel like writing, despite how much I generally love doing it. Occasionally, the notion of being sat at the computer for hours on end is not all that appealing. But that’s the beauty of this site I made. I can write what I want, and more importantly, *when* I want.

It’s also helping to expand my writing. I suffer with a lack of imagination when I attempt to come up with ideas for feature articles. All that occurs to me are the humdrum types of features that you see all the time, and that really is one of the biggest difficulties I’m having to overcome. But, practice makes perfect (that should read as follows: practice makes *near* perfect).

Additionally, I’m in the early stages of writing a book. It’s called Time and Time Again, and follows the life of an unidentified man coming to terms with the ramifications of events that occured prior to the point at which he is introduced (he is not as of yet named, since I want to get a clearer image of who he is as a character before I call him anything).

The story begins in the latter years of his life, until he encounters an organisation that run something called the Relive programme. What they’re offering is time travel, but a very specific and restrictive kind.

The machine that they use to send people back can only do so along the patient’s own personal timeline (the reason I use the word “patient” is because this programme is only available to the terminally ill). Any point of their own lives can be chosen, but once they’ve arrived, all memories that stem from beyond that point are purged.

The story will then detail what it was exactly that made the main character the way he was in his later years, before the truth of what we’ve learned is confronted, as well as some…other things that I won’t divulge.

I’ll be creating an area of the site devoted to updates about my book in the not too distant future (if anyone even cares), but right now, it’s a bit of a creative fetus. I’ve the beginning, the tipping mid-points, and the ending — but little else.

Anyway, there’s not a lot else I can think of to say, and I hate writing about myself. So, I’ll just say goodbye, and thank you for visiting my site.



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